Winery Tour (1-2 days)

    The tour at “Prince Trubetskoy Winery” immerses guests to the wonderful world of winemaking. Here you can finally find out how wine is produced and touch the magic of this truly enchanting process. The tour begins in the place, where the wine is born – in the vineyard! Our experienced oenologists will tell you all about the vine, soil and climate, will give you a detailed understanding of what a terroir is, and what it is formed of, as well as share knowledge on the varietal composition of vineyards. In the open air and pleasant atmosphere you will have a stroll through the spacious vine plantations, enjoy a wonderful view over Dnipro and see how grapes are grown. From the vineyards you will move to the winery. Here you will get to know that the process of wine production is divided into primary and secondary winemaking. You will learn about the careful processing of wine material, aging and, therefore, transforming into elegant wine. The tour at “Prince Trubetskoy Winery” allows you to see the whole process of production with your own eyes, learn about the latest developments in winemaking and see the modern equipment of the leading European manufacturers. The guide will take you to the historical cellars and tell the story of “Prince Trubetskoy Winery”, show you all the valuable collections and hold tastings.

Harvesting Tour (2-3 days)

    If you decide to visit “Prince Trubetskoy Winery” in autumn, season of harvesting and processing of the yield, you will be lucky to follow the whole process of wine production in action and smell the intensive grape aromas. By previous appointment you can even participate in grapes yield harvesting and feel yourself like a real winemaker!

Historical Tour (1-2 days)

    Admirers of architecture and ancient castles will have a lot to enjoy during the day! The ancient architecture of the winery, intricate cellars, old hall and view over Dnipro do impress everyone. Guide will tell you many legends of the castle ruins. Authorities of “Prince Trubetskoy Winery” want to restore the old palace just the way it looked originally. Who knows, maybe in several years it will host dinner parties and balls, as well as international receptions and tastings.

Ethno Tour (2 days)

    After you have seen all of the winery, go to the nearby village – Zmiivka. It is an old Swedish village, where emigrants from Sweden still live, keeping all the traditions of their native country. They speak old Swedish and cook national cuisine dishes. A few years ago the King of Sweden himself visited the place! “Prince Trubetskoy Winery” organizes ethno-tours to Zmiivka.

Winery & Askania-Nova Reserve Tour (2-3 days)

    The Kherson region is rich for ethnic, natural and gastronomic wonders. In 60 km from “Prince Trubetskoy Winery” the famous Askania-Nova Reserve is located. It is home to rare animals, included to the Red Book! In the reserve you can walk or go by bus, and even ride a horse. It will be the most striking impression and the best present for your kids!

Yacht or Boat Tour along Dnipro

    Loving couples and families with kids will enjoy the tour along the Dnipro River on boats and yachts. Imagine yourself on board of a yacht with a glass of favorite wine, made on the “Prince Trubetskoy Winery”, contemplating the scarlet sunrise! It is a great place to make photographs and escape from the hustle, plunging into philosophical thoughts and dreams that will surely come true!

Enogastronomic Tour (2 days)

    The heavenly trip for a gourmet! In addition to the classical program of the tour through the winery with visiting wine cellars of the 19th century and vineyards, you will be invited to a special enogastronomic tasting. Each wine, produced on the “Prince Trubetskoy Winery”, will be paired with the local cuisine specialties. The highlight of the tour is a trip to the oysters farm in Golopristansk district of the Khersonskiy region and tasting of fresh oysters with Trubetskoy’s Riesling.

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