Wine Tasting


    Wine is a product that is better to taste once. It is here, in the building of historical chateau, that each guest can visit wine tasting. In the tasting hall you can not only taste the entire line of wines, but also learn how to choose the right glasses for different wine types, as well as learn peculiarities of enogastronomia and find out how to pair wine and food. Tastings start from white wines! Start the tasting with Riesling from the young collection of “Prince Trubetskoy Winery”. This wine has a light aroma of peach and lychee, good acidity and honey aftertaste. It is perfectly paired with light salted fish that was caught by local fishermen only yesterday and immediately salted to be served to the chateau guests next day. Or with the freshest Black Sea oysters of Scythia, delivered from the oysters farm only half an hour ago. Red vintage wines lovers will appreciate the mature Pinot Noir with a distinctive aroma of black and red berries. The juicy fruit notes are perceived in the taste of this wine. It is perfectly paired with duck and wild fowl.

    Kherson region is rich for gastronomic delicacies. Have you tasted the Kherson cuisine? It is the right time to go on a tasting at “Prince Trubetskoy Winery”! On the tasting you will have a unique chance to taste all local specialties – homemade cheeses (brynza and sulguni), combined with spicy sun-dried tomatoes and juicy, fleshy plums. Crispy bruschetta with tomatoes and goat cheese are just amazing!


    Taste mature Cabernet Sauvignon paired with local jamon, emphasized by the taste of the Kherson melons. Mature Cabernet with strong notes of black currant, cherry, plum and black pepper will underline the taste of meat delicacies and will not leave anyone indifferent. White wines lovers will surely appreciate the freshest fish dishes, cooked specially for you from the morning catch of local fishermen. Taste them with Aligote and Sauvignon, and you will dream of staying at chateau forever! Real gourmets will appreciate local gastronomic specialties as, without exaggeration, new Kherson cuisine is born at “Prince Trubetskoy Winery”!

    Resplendent local cuisine applies the principle of cooking dishes from the ingredients, grown in the neighborhood. Wines, cheeses, fish – everything is local, from Kherson, ecologically clean and very tasty!

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