Visit to Chateau

Romantic vineyard getaway with an incredible view over Dnipro and comfortable accommodation is provided by the hotel of “Prince Trubetskoy Winery”. Guests can take a trip back to history by going down to the cellars and walking along the intricate galleries. Here one can literally take a sip of history, because the 8 wine cellars store more than 10 000 bottles, including about 7 000 rare wines, the Soviet era heritage.

Wine Tasting

Wine is a product that is better to taste once. It is here, in the building of historical chateau, that each guest can visit wine tasting. In the tasting hall you can not only taste the entire line of wines, but also learn how to choose the right glasses for different wine types, as well as learn peculiarities of enogastronomia and find out how to pair wine and food.


The tour at “Prince Trubetskoy Winery” immerses guests to the wonderful world of winemaking. Here you can finally find out how wine is produced and touch the magic of this truly enchanting process, visit vineyards, chateau, galleries of the XIX century wine cellars, castle of Petr Trubetskoy, join one of ethnographic, enogastronomic and other tours, organized at the winery.


Visit “Prince Trubetskoy Winery”, see the large vineyards and historical building of the winery with your own eyes, taste wines in the historic wine cellar – is the most exciting experience for a true wine connoisseur! Wine tours to the winery are available for everyone. Guests can have rest and spend an unforgettable weekend in the comfortable hotel on the territory.