“Prince P.N. Trubetskoy Winery” puts viticulture in the basis of the entire winemaking process. Leading oenologists from France consult the winery. Pruning vines is one of important factors, influencing the taste of wine. Vines should be pruned during the vegetation rest, before the sap is in active circulation. Wine-growers cut the vine to leave only the required number of shoots. Pruning allows controlling the number and length of shoots, their location. As a result, wine-growers can adjust yield both by qualitative and quantitative indicators. Same Oz Clarke wrote in his book that “it is generally accepted that care for vine has fundamental importance for wine quality. The aim is to nurture a healthy plant that will bear berries of the quality and in quantity needed by the wine-grower…”

     Winters in Ukraine are quite cold, but it doesn’t affect the Trubetskoy vineyards negatively. All thanks to favorable location of vineyards – location on the southern slopes of Dnipro and unique microclimate protect the vine from frosts.

Two methods of vine training, common in the European winemaking practice, are used in “Prince Trubetskoy Winery” vineyards:
• Guyot pruning and vine training system, used by winemakers of France’s Bordeaux wine region. The essence of this method consists in training two annual fruiting arms along a main wire on both sides of the vine. The number of buds left after pruning directly influences the future yield. Bilateral Guyot at “Prince Trubetskoy Winery” is applied for vineyards with following varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc.
• “Cordon” pruning and vine training system requires long enough vine trunk and horizontal cordons position. The winery applies this method for pruning vines of white grapes varieties: Chardonnay, Aligote, and Riesling.

Vines productivity rate influences the quality of wine. The smaller number of bunches on vine makes grapes healthier, improves aeration. Pruning vines allows the grapes accumulate more sugars, enriches aromatics and extract.

It is well-known that one of the best ways to improve the quality is to decrease the quantity. This gold standard, used for production of great wines in France and the whole world, is also accepted at “Prince Trubetskoy Winery”.


     The quality and price of wine often depends on the harvest year. Famous vintages make the greatest value for connoisseurs. Bottles with wine, produced during especially successful years, very quickly fill up collections of wine experts. It proves that wine is a product, born by nature itself in vineyard. Taste Trubetskoy wines of the same variety, but different years (arrange a so-called vertical tasting – the same wine type from the same winery, but different years), and you will discover the concept of vintage. “Prince Trubetskoy Winery” has really high quality and outstanding wines, and bottles of the most successful years occupy honorable places in collections of wine lovers.