Ukrainian wine with history


    “Prince Trubetskoy Winery” is the only historical chateau in Ukraine. 2016 is the winery’s anniversary. During 120 years it produces high-quality Ukrainian wines from grapes, grown in their own vineyards and harvested by hand.

    Natural Trubetskoy wines are divided into 4 collections, united by style and method of production. Collection of young wines contains fresh bright easy-drinking wines without aging in barrels. Collection of matured wines – aged in French barrels for at least 6 months. Collection of vintage wines – aged in barrels for at least 2 years. Premium collection is a selection of special wines: limited editions from the selected vineyard sites and sustained period of aging.

Collection of young wines


Collection of matured wines


Collection of vintage wines


Premium collection


    The first vineyards of one of the oldest and most famous wineries of Ukraine were laid in Kazatskoe estate (Khersonskaya province) in 1896. The chief winemaker of the Russian Empire Lev Golitsyn made selection of plots for plantings and vine varieties.

    The unique climatic conditions, angle of slope, composition of soils, application of advanced technologies in viticulture and winemaking brought the expected result very soon. In 1900 winery’s Riesling was awarded the Grand Prix on the International Exhibition in Paris. In 1902 winemakers of prince Trubetskoy were awarded the first prize of the Emperor Alexander III “for the best Russian grape table wine” and in 1903 “for the exemplary culture of vineyards”.

    After 1917 winery and acres of Peter Trubetskoy were nationalized. Leader of Soviet winemaking – Lenin wine sovkhoz – brought to the history of the winery and the whole country legendary vintage wines “Oksamyt Ukrainy” (“Velvet of Ukraine”), “Naddnipryanske” (“Over Dnipro”). Since 1949 these wines were considered the hallmark of Ukraine and supplied to the British royal court.

    Starting from 1946 vintage wines were awarded 33 gold and silver medals on international exhibitions of that time.

    From 2003 to 2011 the company carried out a global reconstruction. A global project of European level winery for production of dry wines, made by classical French technologies, has been implemented. New vineyards on total area of 200 hectares have been planted on historical area. There were exceptionally vines of international varieties from the best nurseries in Italy and France: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Syrah, Malbec, Chardonnay, Riesling, Aligote, and Pinot Blanc.

    Natural high-quality wines of Trubetskoy have won international recognition and found their niche on Ukrainian market – premium auctorial terroir Ukrainian wines. “Prince Trubetskoy Winery” follows the terroir principle and produces wine, 100% made of grapes, grown in its own vineyards, and can guarantee the quality control on all stages of winemaking.

«Оксамит України» Золотая медаль
«Перлина Степу» Серебряная медаль
«Шардоне» и «Рислинг» Бронзовая медаль

    Quality of “Oksamyt Ukrainy” wine was awarded a gold medal on the prestigious wine tasting competition “PRODEXPO”. “Perlyna Stepu” – silver medal, matured white wines “Chardonnay” and “Riesling” – bronze medals.

    Trubetskoy wines have been highly appreciated by experts on tastings in Europe: in London (organized by “Wine Atlas” author Oz Clarke) in December, 2011, on a prestigious European forum VINITALY in Verona in March, 2012, on international exhibition in Krakow in February, 2014, and Wine&Spirits in Warsaw in 2015.

    Jury of the III International “BestDrink” tasting competition recognized “Cabernet” of “Prince Trubetskoy Winery” as the best Cabernet of Ukraine. And “Oksamyt Ukrainy” repeatedly became holder of “Brand of the year” title.

    “Prince Trubetskoy Winery” is a unique object of wine tourism in Ukraine. Harvesting on Trubetskoy winery attracts many tourists not only from Ukraine, but also Europe. In 2013 historical building of winery, primarily built in 1900, has been renovated along with its tower and observation deck, equipped with wine tasting halls. 8 galleries of wine cellars from Trubetskoy times have been restored, and are used for aging and storing wines. There is a hotel with 10 rooms on the territory of winery, as well as atmospheric front hall in the ancient wing.